I am an alumnus graduate of the well-known school of Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica (Film Training Center), listed as one of the ten best cinema schools in the world according to the magazine Hollywood Reporter (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/best-film-schools-2016-top- 920352/item/beijing-film-academy-international-film-920335) and where only fifteen alumni are accepted per year.
I am currently developing my second feature film project, “Come de mi” (“Eat me”), which has aroused much interest in various producers of foreign film for its great originality, and it has been selected in the screenplay competitions in Fright Night Film Fest in the USA, the British Horror Film Festival and ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest in Association with Blood List, USA. Furthermore, it has been selected for the IMCINE for the Encouragement of Cinematographic Creators where he was an advisor to cinema director Jorge Michel Grau (We are what we are, Big Sky, 7:19, the time of the tremor) and creditor to the scholarship Fundacion Carolina (Carolina Foundation) in conjunction with the program IBERMEDIA to participate in the 12° Course of the Development of Cinematographic Projects in Madrid, Spain, and in which I had as tutors the cinematographic screenwriters David Munoz (Guillermo del Toro The Devils Backbone) and Alejandro Hernandez (All of the women, Winner of the Goya for best screenwriter 2014). Furthermore, I was also selected with this project in order to participate in the international market of film Ventana Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in the prestigious fantastic cinema Festival “Fantastic Fest” in Austin, Texas, where I was awarded with the Morbido/Latam Consultation Award.
Eat me has been listed for its recognized “LISTA NEGRA” or “THE BLACK LIST” (List of the best movie scripts that have not yet been produced. https://blcklst.com)
“EAT ME is a highly original, sexually-charged thriller that grips you in from the onset and makes for a swift, engrossing , page-turning read. The action in this script is extremely impressive – descriptive, evocative, well-paced, it never feels over-written despite being very action-heavy.”
In turn I have been developing other feature film projects with the name “Mickey a hand” which has remained in the quarterfinals of the competition of action and thriller scripts of Screencraft in USA and the “Do not fear the dead” project selected by the Sociedad Mexicana de Directores Cinematograficos (Mexican Society of Cinematographic Directors) for its script improvement workshop in charge of the film Director Rigoberto Castaneda (Km 31, Blackout).
My prime opera “Reacciones Adversas” (“Adverse Reactions”) was written, produced, and directed by me, it was a feature film filmed in eighteen days a with a modest budget and it had a great acceptance worldwide. Winner of various prizes for best director, best movie, best edition, best actor and also officially selected in more than thirty international film festivals, like the prestigious international film festival of Guadalajara in Mexico, and also Official Selection in the International Film Festival I’ve seen films in Milan Italia (Film selected to open the festival and the jury composed of Ridley Scott, Robert Rodriguez, Paul Verhoeven, Rutger Hauer, among others), notably competed in the international festival of cinema in Edmonton Canada to the movie “La Piel que Habito,”(The Skin I live In) acclaimed in the Cannes festival of the famous Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar.
The Canadian press wrote the following on Adverse Reactions:
“ADVERSE EFFECTS (‘Reacciones adversas’), is a slow-burning thriller from Mexico, with echoes of Taxi Driver, Memento, and a dash of Fight Club thrown in for good measure. A stunning feature debut for writer/director/editor David Michan”
Prior to my feature film projects, I carried our several short films, among which stand out are Mexican Dream which was the winner of three international prizes in Brussels, Germany and Austin TX for best fiction short film, and also for having been selected in more than twenty-five international festivals and A True Story, winner of short-film competition Radioactivo 2003 (Radioactive 2003) with a cash prize of $10,000.00 dollars and the jury consisted of recognized filmmakers such as Alejandro G. Inarritu, Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro, Guillermo Arriaga, Rodrigo Prieto, Walter Salles, Fernando Meirelles, Roger Avary, Alejandro Jodorowky, Carlos Carrera, etc.
I also participated as editor for the HBO series “El Senor Avila” (“Mr. Avila”) and “Dios Inc.” (“God Inc.”). I have more than fifteen years of experience in the direction and production of commercials, music videos and advertising campaigns for cinema and television. In the last years I have directed a great amount of promotions for the series of television of the chain Telemundo-NBC Universal which have been credited with various prizes in the USA.
In actuality, I am represented by the production company Metro (www.metro.film) cataloged as one of the ten best Mexican production companies and with a large trajectory in the production of commercials. 
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