I am honoured to have graduated from the esteemed Centro de Capacitación Cinematografica, a globally recognized cinema school named one of the top ten by the Hollywood Reporter. Acceptance into this highly competitive program is reserved for only fifteen alumni annually. 
I am proud to have written, produced, and directed my first feature film, "Adverse Reactions" or "Reacciones Adversas," completed within a modest budget and just eighteen days of filming. Its worldwide success included multiple accolades, such as best director, best movie, best edition, and best actor awards, and official selection in over thirty international film festivals, including Guadalajara and Milan's renowned international film festivals. 
The Canadian Press lauded it as a "slow-burning thriller from Mexico, with echoes of Taxi Driver, Memento, and a dash of Fight Club thrown in for good measure. A stunning feature debut for writer/director/editor David Michán."
Presently, I am co-directing my second feature film, "The Girl Inside the Polaroid," which is filmed in Canada and currently undergoing post-production. Its anticipated release is set for spring 2024. 
Additionally, I am engaged in my third feature film project, "Come de mi" or "Eat Me," which has garnered considerable attention from foreign film producers due to its uniqueness. This screenplay has been selected for prominent screenplay competitions, including the Fright Night Film Fest, the British Horror Film Festival, and the ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest in Association with Blood List, Quarterfinalist at Stage32 in Search for New Blood, Semi-finalist at Diverse Voices presented by WeScreenplay.
I was also awarded the Encouragement of Cinematographic Creators scholarship by IMCINE, where I advised cinema director Jorge Michel Grau. 
My participation in the 12° Course of the Development of Cinematographic Projects in Madrid, Spain, by IBERMEDIA and Fundación Carolina was also a valuable learning experience. My tutors were David Munoz, cinematographic screenwriter for Guillermo del Toro's The Devil's Backbone, and Alejandro Hernandez, screenwriter for All of the Women, Winner of the 2014 Goya for best screenwriter. 
"Eat Me" has also been selected for the film Ventana Sur international market in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the prestigious "Fantastic Fest" in Austin, Texas, where I was awarded the Morbido/Latam Consultation Award and the Pitchbox at the prestigious Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain. 
"Eat Me" has also been listed on "The Black List," which ranks the best movie scripts yet to be produced.
Before my feature film projects, I directed several award-winning short films. "Mexican Dream" won three international awards in Brussels, Germany, and Austin, TX, for best fiction short film and was also selected for more than twenty-five international festivals. 
"A True Story" won the Radioactivo 2003 short-film competition with a cash prize of 10,000.00 dollars, and the jury consisted of renowned filmmakers such as Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro, Guillermo Arriaga, Rodrigo Prieto, Walter Salles, Fernando Meirelles, Roger Avary, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Carlos Carrera, among others.
In addition to my film projects, I have over twenty years of experience directing and producing commercials, music videos, and advertising campaigns for cinema and television. 
I am proud to have worked as an editor for the HBO series "El Senor Avila" and "Dios Inc." Moreover, I have directed numerous promotions for the television series for Telemundo-NBC Universal Network, for which I have received various awards in the USA. 
Presently, I hold the position of Lead Film Directing Instructor at Infocus Film School in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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