EAT ME is a highly original, sexually-charged thriller that grips you in from the onset and makes for a swift, engrossing, page- turning read. The action in this script is extremely impressive – descriptive, evocative, well-paced, it never feels over-written despite being very action-heavy. The unapologetically erotic and twisted subject matter, whilst at first confronting, is handled with a confidence and craft that it becomes so integral to the story and you run with it. The duality of Nicholas/Natalie is enthralling and constantly keeps the reader guessing, throwing curveballs and twists such as when the detectives first reveal to Nicholas that the suspect is female, having Natalie appear as a doctor in the hospital, and the bold, unexpected scene involving the character of João – all of these things keeps us engaged and prevents the story from meandering. The “__________” is a clever twist, offering a satisfying conclusion to the riveting story.
A movie such as this, whilst niche, certainly has commercial prospects. Given the highly sexual-nature of the script combined with the slasher and gore elements, it is a risky movie to make, but audiences who love those kinds of films will find plenty to love about EAT ME. The characters of Nicholas and Natalie are so intriguing and showy that they would no doubt attract some top- level, brave actors to those roles.
The Black List
EAT ME is a dark and attention-grabbing screenplay with strong main characters connected by their deviant sexual behaviors, and the secrets they have to keep to protect themselves.
There is a great deal of mystery built throughout the story that helps to drive the pace and to keep the tone consistent, dark and builds the tension high until the conclusion.
There is a nice job done giving clues but it does not make someone suspect the ending. It is always so enjoyable to be able to look back when a story is over and find the missed clues that could have given away the mystery, but are not completely obvious until the mystery is discovered.
Overall, this is memorable and fascinating script that will leave the audience haunted by how they were able to feel such sympathy for such odd characters and their devastating actions.
The Blue Cat Screenplay
There is some terrific imagery in this creepy thriller. Cannibalism isn't always easy to do without going overboard, but Eat Me (clever title) has some scenes that balance the horror with restraint.
- The ______________ syndrome it is a disturbing image that is a strong idea to put into a screenplay.-- In terms of boldness, the script is dynamic and out of the box. Sometimes finding the right idea for a story is half the battle of a script!
- There are some outstanding visuals in this script. As mentioned, the cannibalism is done tastefully but with enough horror. We can really see, hear and even smell everything that Natalie/Nicholas senses. Very good work on this part.?
- A little more clarity on Natalie's journey and a more coherent ending would elevate this promising script.
Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting 
Script Accolades
Semifinalist at the feature screenwriting contest "Diverse Voices" presented by "WeScreenplay", USA.
Project selected by Fundación Carolina & IBERMEDIA Program for the 12o Curso de Desarrollo de Proyectos Cinematográficos Iberoamericanos in Madrid, Spain.
Official Selection in the Screenplay Competition at the Fright Night Film Fest. Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Official Selection in the Screenplay Competition at the British Horror Film Festival, U.K.
Quarter Finalists at the Scream Craft Horror Script Contest in Association with the Blood List, USA
Acreedor al Programa de Estímulo a Creadores Cinematográficos del Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE), México
Project selected by Ventana Sur for the pitch market section “Beyond the Window” exclusive for latin american horror films, Argentina.
Project Winner of the Morbido/Latam Consultation award at the Pitch Market of the Fantastic Film Festival (Austin – Texas) – most influential genre film market in the US. 
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